To be the premier executive networking organization in the world and catalyze our members' business, professional and personal growth like no other offering in the market.


CorporateConnections® is a global community of business leaders dedicated to creating opportunities for each other. Our structured system and culture of collaboration accelerates trust and opens doors to exponential growth. With access to extended networks and extraordinary experiences, members gain measurable returns and meaningful relationships that change their businesses, communities and lives.


Meaningful Relationships

We create an environment of trust and engagement where lifetime connections flourish.

Extraordinary Experiences

We provide a platform that opens up the world around us in ways that we never even knew existed.

Culture of Excellence

We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standard so that every single touch point is exceptional.

Seamless and Simple

We refine our product continuously so that we can focus on generating value for one another.

Catalyst for Change

We harness passion, networks and expertise to make an impactful difference.


  • 20 structured chapter meetings per year: Chapter meetings last 90 minutes and are held every other week, with a hiatus during both the summer and holiday seasons.
  • Four executive workshops per year: A modified chapter meeting that focuses on the enhancement of referral and networking skills.
  • Forum meetings: Where members meet to help define and resolve tough business and personal issues. Meeting frequency and time are determined by the members in their respective Forums.
  • Social events: Various networking mixers are organized to extend and grow your network even further.
  • Annual CorporateConnections® Leadership Conference & Global Convention


Individuals must meet the criteria listed below to qualify for membership in CorporateConnections®. If you meet these prerequisites, and are interested in learning more, request to visit a chapter in your local area.

CorporateConnections® members must:

  • Own a business or hold a leadership position within their organizations (i.e. C-Level Executive, President, VP, Partner, etc.)
  • Lead a firm that generates revenue in excess, or has an enterprise value of $5,000,000+ USD. This value can be determined through a third-party valuator, or by calculating the net worth of assets before depreciation.


Prospective members must be able to drive a mutual benefit in trusted referral relationships. That said, membership is selective, objective and based on an established process.

CorporateConnections® has a 3-step application process:

Step 1 – Application for Membership

  • The applicant secures at least one sponsor from a CorporateConnections® chapter and submits a Request for Application.
  • If it is determined that the applicant is a good fit, they are contacted by the chapter to schedule an interview at their place of work.

Step 2 – Interview & Evaluation

  • Upon completion of the interview, an internal evaluation is conducted.
  • Upon approval, the applicant is notified of their acceptance and provided an onboarding schedule.

Step 3 – Onboard Briefing

  • The new Member attends an onboard briefing with the Member Success Chair to begin the onboarding program.


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